2015/10/21 .LY system now supports nTLDs

We therefore worked with the .LY registry to upgrade the .LY system so that it now accepts email addresses @nTLD extensions for the Registrant/Technical/Administrative contacts’ email address. In addition to that, the .LY system now supports nameservers with the nTLD extensions ex., We would like to take this chance to thank all our clients who took the time to provide us with their feedback and request for this feature. We’re always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions for any service improvement. Read More »

2015/07/21 Happy Birthday to Us, $25 off for you!

To celebrate this happy occasion with us we’re offering you $25 off on top level .LY domain registrations and renewals. Drop in the code below at checkout, and you’ll be good to go! Code: 25OFF | Order now! - *Code expires on Friday July 24th, 2015. Good for use on any top level .LY domain registrations or renewals. - If your renewal invoice was already generated by the system please open a ticket and a sales rep will help you apply the discount. - Lowest rate for .LY domain registration/renewal is $50 Team Read More »

2014/05/12 Two-Factor Authentication on

Since both factors are required to log in, in the event an attacker obtains your password two-factor authentication would stop them for accessing your account. Why do you need it? Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly easy to compromise passwords. They can often be guessed or leaked, they usually don’t change very often, and despite common advice, many of us have favorite passwords that we use for more than one thing. Therefore Two-factor authentication gives you additional security as your password alone no longer allows access to your account. Two-Factor Authentication on supports two-factor authentication using two different options: Time Based One-Time Passwords Time Based One-Time passwords requires downloading an OATH application onto your smartphone or tablet, and optionally a bar-code reader. Once activated a pop-up screen will present a QR code, with optional manual code to enter into your smartphone or tablet. Once scanned or entered, a time based… Read More »